Can-Am Experience


Can-Am Experience


On Land


FROM €115

Can-Am Experience

Ponte de Lima, Portugal


  • 2h tour
    2h tour
  •  monitor/guide
  • Protective Goggles
    Protective Goggles
  • Insurance
  • Shuttle from Porto, Braga & Viana District
    Shuttle from Porto, Braga & Viana District


  • Minimum age 7 years
    Minimum age 7 years
  • Driver with cat.B driving license
    Driver with cat.B driving license


Tour with beautiful landscapes over Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo from Serra da Nó, with passages through natural monuments that surround the mountain range. This tour, in addition to all the surroundings of nature and landscapes, is challenging in terms of driving as they are put to the test on all types of terrain. An exciting and complete ride for people of all ages who like nature, driving and challenge.



It is mandatory to respect the instructions of the monitors, failure to comply with them is punishable by the immediate end of the activity. The value of the service is non-refundable and the material and logistical costs related to non-compliance with the rules are imputed. It is mandatory to circulate behind the monitor and in the order defined at the beginning of the activity, unless otherwise indicated by the monitors. Mandatory use of seat belt. Mandatory use of safety glasses. Customers are aware of the risks inherent in the activity, for which they are responsible for them. Respect environmental and nature protection rules, non-compliance implies sanctions and exclusion from the activity. All participating minors must be accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for the minor in question. Smoking is not allowed during the tours. Dangerous driving that puts participants, monitors or any citizen involved or not in the activity at risk is not allowed. Material or personal damages are the responsibility of the participants. Participants who do not comply with internal regulations are removed or expelled, without any monetary refund. It is prohibited to drive or perform any activity under the influence of alcohol or doping substances (drugs).

Tours are carried out upon reservation and availability




Buggy 2 Seats

115,00 €

Buggy 4 Seats

170,00 €

Exclusive Tour

30% surcharge


Exact location provided after booking

Can-Am Experience
FROM 115€ + transport fee (from Braga and Porto)

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    Adventurers’ Testimonials


    It is an unmissable opportunity for anyone traveling who wants to have a different experience! Me and my friends had an amazing tour! We had the attention, instructions and accompaniment of guides who were very attentive and friendly. Super cool!!

    Jose Bennet

    I highly recommend having this experience!!!! The experience was spectacular and Duarte made the pace of the tour safe but with adrenaline. 

    Maya Connor

    An incredible experience! This everyone should do. Pure adrenaline!! You drive the buggi, no risk and very safe. The guides are super attentive. 


    We had a great time and felt super safe touring the mountain. Highly recommended!


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