Video: Forget Lisbon and Porto, THIS is the REAL Portugal!

Eating & drinking Events & Activities Videos February 07, 2023

Video: Forget Lisbon and Porto, THIS is the REAL Portugal!

Joen and Amelie are a notable couple with a comedic timing, witty humor, and on-point delivery that never fails to put a smile on our faces and brighten up our days! So not by chance they have a YouTube channel with 100 thousand subscribers. We were delighted to welcome them at the Connected Lodge with a full service experience, taking the lovely couple to explore the best that the Alto Minho region has to offer through our Portugal Active experiences.

This meeting resulted in a video with beautiful images from the north of Portugal recently uploaded on their channel, Stay Classy Vlog.

In a world that can often be filled with stress and negativity, their performances serve as a much-needed escape and reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. With countless moments of pure joy, creating memories for a lifetime (as Portugal Active loves!), we want to thank them for their talent and for constantly working to make us laugh.

We can’t wait to see what hilarious adventures you’ll embark on next! Check out the amazing video below

Forget Lisbon and Porto: THIS is the REAL Portugal!


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