About Us

About Us

PortugalActive is your gate to an adventurous journey within the breathtaking natural scenery of Minho, one of Portugal’s best kept secrets. We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about sports, nature and adventurous experiences.

Founded by Ricardo Viana in 2017 — a Physical Education and Sports Senior, Kitesurf and MountainBike instructor and Researcher — we’re based in Viana do Castelo, located in front of Aquário Bar - Cabedelo beach.

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PortugalActive was created with 3 simple core principles in mind: 

Passion first

Our product comes first! And we made it a reflection of what we are: passionate about sports, nature and our region, but — most important — about sharing our lifestyle with people from all across the globe.


We buy local

Most of our products are built and manufactured locally. Our meals come from local producers and our fruit and veggies are sustainably grown. On the other hand, dealing with small-scale producers lets us keep our prices low, increases the overall quality of our services and boosts the local economy.

We love nature

The plan is fairly simple: maximising fun, creating exciting experiences and connecting with nature without harming the environment. This is because we don’t want to reduce our footprint - we want to erase it.





Ricardo Viana

Ricardo Viana from Viana do Castelo, Portugal, is a Physical Education and Sports senior and Kitesurf instructor. An extreme sports enthusiast, Ricardo founded Powa Concept, an extreme lifestyle concept focusing functional training for alternative sports athletes, and has done scientific research on Kitesurf and Surf. His philosophy is to travel and expand horizons, meeting new people and interacting with diferent cultures in order to enrich both his professional and personal character.



Francisca Esteves

Graduated in Communication Design from the University of Lisbon, she has a Postgraduate Degree in Branding and Content Marketing and is finishing a Masters in Advertising and Marketing.
With a vast experience in the field of communication in the fashion industry, after living for six years in Lisbon her passion for Viana do Castelo and for an active and healthy lifestyle made her return to her hometown to integrate the project Portugal Active as Marketing and Communication Manager.




Diogo Maganete

Diogo Maganete, born in Viana do Castelo, is not only a young entrepreneur but also a DJ and sports fan. Since his childhood he has been practicing roller hockey, downhill, motocross and surf which expanded his vision as an adrenaline addicted athlete. Furthermore, with only 15-years-old he started his career as a DJ and has since then performed in some of the biggest stages in Portugal. Graduated in Economics by the University of Coimbra, Diogo loves business as much as he loves nature and that´s the reason why he joined his old friend Ricardo in this thrilling project that is Portugal Active.



Tiago Sá

Tiago Sá is determined and self-motivated software engineer, with 7 years of experience in many different environments, from national to international, from small independent businesses to big corporations. At a young age he started a clothing company ( with his brother, while pursuing his career as a BMX sports athlete. 

With a Masters on Artificial Intelligence from Universidade do Minho, Tiago now spends most of his time writing code and, when possible, surfing.